Texaco Wings 1 1929-1993 aThe Wings of Texaco Historic Collector’s Series

Welcome to The Texaco Wings online store.  We offer new high quality Wings of Texaco die cast metal airplanes.  We stock every year and special edition from this unique series and offer this complete selection to you through the Texaco Wings Shop.

If you order 5 or more airplanes from the Wings of Texaco Series, we will send you a FREE airplane of our choice from our Wings of Texaco inventory.  Please note that these cartons will show normal shelf wear and have minor dents and dings, however the planes are all guaranteed brand new.

Texaco Wings 9 1929-2001 dLimited Edition Wings of Texaco Collectible Airplanes Are Individually Numbered

The Wings of Texaco Collectibles Series commemorates Texaco Oil Companies aviation history.  The highly detailed airplanes are exact replicas of planes that have been owned and flown by Texaco through the years.

Through the years since this series began in 1993, Texaco Gasoline Stations have been offering these unique model planes to their customers and airplane enthusiasts.

Authentic Ertl Collectibles: These planes promoting this iconic American oil company are produced by Ertl Collectibles.  Each plane in the Wings of Texaco Series are die cast metal planes with detailed features scaled precisely from the original aircraft.

Every Collectible Box Tells A Story:  Each collectible Texaco Wings airplane is packaged in a beautiful box (many with full color prints on the front of the box) and provide an interesting history on the back of the box. This history details the when the airplane was purchased by Texaco, how much it cost at the time, the pilots who flew the plane, and interesting anecdotes on the plane. For example, the 1929 Lockheed Air Express flew 90,000 miles before it was lost in West Palm Beach, Florida accident in January of 1930.

Fascinating Historic Details: Detailed specifications for each Texaco Airplane are given on the back of the box.  The aircraft length, wingspan, wing area, height, empty weight, gross weight, top speed, cruising speed, landing speed, rate of climb, and service ceiling.

Individually Numbered: Each Wings of Texaco Collectible Airplane is individually numbered (see the back of the box for this number). Each year there is a limited number of die cast models sold to maintain the value of each collectible historic airplane.

Quality Die Cast Craftsmanship: These collectible die cast metal airplanes feature high quality craftsman ship, vivid detail, and are recommended for airplane collectors ages 8 and up.